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What to Expect

Below are some questions and answers that

might help you know what to expect at UBC on a Sunday morning.


What time does the service start and end?

The service starts at 11:00 am, and we generally end around 12:15.

Where is the main entrance?

The main entrance is located on the Northwest side of the building. The main entrance is accessible through

either the blue stairs or the elevator to the left of the stairs right off Beacon St.

What should I wear?

The style of the congregation ranges from slacks and a button up to jeans and a T-shirt. You are welcome to wear anything you feel comfortable in.

Will I be singled out in the service?

We do not single out our guests in our services. We will not ask you to stand, stay seated, wear a sticker, or anything else that may cause you to be uncomfortable.

What is the style of worship?

We have a mix of contemporary songs and hymns. We seek to be biblical and always point to God in our song choice. We utilize various instruments (most commonly: piano, drums, and electric guitar).

What is the general order of service?

Welcome and Announcements

Call to Worship


Pastoral Prayer





Are there refreshments available?

At this time, no refreshments are offered. Please feel free to bring your own beverage, though! 

Where are the restrooms located?

The restrooms are located on the bottom floor in the middle of the hallway. You can access the bottom floor by heading to the back of the sanctuary and down the stairs. 

Is childcare available?

Child care is available during the service time on the bottom floor. We encourage families to attend the service together, but we do gladly provide childcare. All guests must enter through the main entrance to further protect the children we care for. The safety of your children is our highest priority, every volunteer is background checked. Your children will be well cared for at UBC.

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